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About us

AUTOMA CZ, Ltd was founded in September 6, 1995 in Strakonice. It has
been dealing with industrial automatization in the following branches:

  • machines for measure and control
  • special-purpose machines for assembling
  • special-purpose machine tools
  • machine and technological process control
  • supply of electrical cabinets for special-purpose machines

Our firm provides these services for their customers. After a demand of a customer we prepare a design and technical solution of a problem is consulted with the customer. The agreement is modified with needs of individual firms and components of mechanical and electrical parts of special-purpose machines and specified. The design is brought up in the form of technical, term and price offer.

A technical documentation of mechanics and a design of a control system and a control equipment is made. Special-purpose machines are produced and put into operation. The customers needs are always accepted. An inspection in our firm, instalment at the customer, a capacity test and a fulfilling of parametres and quality are undertaken. Operating instructions, guarantee and service after guarantee are provided.